AVG Cleaner MOD APK 2023 (Pro Unlocked)

AVG Cleaner
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App NameAVG Cleaner
PublisherAVG Mobile
Size40 Mb
Latest version23.16.0
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
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Optimize, Clean, and Supercharge

Nowadays, our devices serve as hubs for work, entertainment, and communication. However, over time, clutter and inefficiencies can bog down your device’s performance. That’s where AVG Cleaner comes to the rescue. With this powerful tool, you can unlock the full potential of your device, ensuring it runs at its peak, and providing a seamless experience. AVG Cleaner offers exceptional features that make your device supercharged and optimized.

Optimize Your Device for Peak Performance

This app does more than just clean up your hard drive. It optimizes your device for peak performance, ensuring that it operates smoothly and efficiently. By identifying and eliminating unnecessary background processes, cleaning up RAM, and optimizing system settings, ThisCleaner gives your device the boost it needs to deliver lightning-fast performance, whether you’re browsing the web, streaming videos, or playing games.

Clean Up Unnecessary Clutter

Say goodbye to clutter with AVG Cleaner App. This app scans your device for unnecessary files, cached data, and residual junk, thoroughly cleaning the entire device. By removing redundant files, you reclaim precious storage space, allowing you to keep more of what matters, whether it’s photos, videos, or essential apps.

AVG Cleaner

Supercharge Your Battery Life

Battery life is a precious commodity, and AVG Cleaner ensures you make the most of it. With its advanced battery optimization features, the app identifies power-hungry apps and processes, allowing you to take control of your device’s energy consumption. Enjoy extended battery life, even on the go, without constantly searching for a charger.

Boost Your Gaming Experience

Gaming on your device just got better with AVG Cleaner. The app offers a dedicated gaming mode that enhances your gaming experience by minimizing background tasks and freeing up system resources. Enjoy smoother gameplay, reduced lag, and an uninterrupted gaming session, all thanks to AVG Cleaner’s intelligent optimizations

Keep Your Device Safe and Secure

Security is paramount, and AVG  takes it seriously. With its built-in privacy and security features, the app helps you keep your personal data safe. It identifies and removes sensitive information, such as browser history and cached data, ensuring your privacy is maintained. Plus, AVGr stays up to date with the latest security measures, offering you peace of mind while optimizing your device. It also monitors malicious websites and blocks them from loading. And are protecting you from any potential security threats.

Key Features

  • Optimize for Peak Performance: Ensure your device runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Clean Up Unnecessary Clutter: Free up storage space by removing redundant files.
  • Supercharge Battery Life: Maximize battery longevity and reduce power consumption.
  • Enhance Gaming Experience: Enjoy smoother gameplay with a dedicated gaming mode.
  • Keep Your Device Secure: Protect your privacy with built-in security features.

How to download the App?

Click on the download button

Click on the download button

If the download did not start after 10 seconds then click here.


Is AVG Cleaner compatible with all devices?

Yes, AVG Cleaner works seamlessly across various devices, including smartphones and tablets running on Android and iOS platforms.

Will AVG Cleaner help improve the performance of older devices?

Absolutely! AVG Cleaner is particularly effective for older devices, as it can remove accumulated clutter and optimize resource usage, giving your older device a noticeable performance boost.

Is my privacy protected while using AVG Cleaner?

Yes, your privacy is a top priority. AVG Cleaner includes privacy features that safeguard your personal information by identifying and removing sensitive data, such as browsing history and cached files, ensuring a secure and efficient cleaning process.


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