Bowlometer Check your bowling speed

Bowlometer check bowling speed
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Bowlometer Check your bowling speed

If you are a Cricket lover and have watched cricket, then surely you will have heard the name “the Rawalpindi Express” This name was given to the only Pakistani bowling sensational star Shoaib Akhtar because he bowled fasted bowl in the world of cricket which was 161 km/h. Have you ever thought about how the speed of the cricket bowl is measured? There are two methods that are used to measure bowling speed in cricket.

  • Speed Gun or Radar Gun
  •  Hawk Eye
check bowling speed with accuracy
check bowling speed with accuracy

But both of these instruments are expensive and an average person can’t buy them. For that reason, developers have developed an app that measures bowling speed including other features. Read the below article to download and learn the usage of the app.

In the digital age, where mobile applications have become integral to our lives, Bowlometer emerges as an excellent app for all bowling enthusiasts. The Bowlmeter app is designed for cricket lovers to check their bowling speed using an app. It is straightforward and easy to measure your bowling speed.

This comprehensive guide aims to unravel the wonders of Bowlometer, delving into its features, benefits, and how to make the most of this innovative tool. Whether a casual bowler or a seasoned pro, discover how Bowlometer can revolutionize your bowling experience.

Understanding the Bowlometer

 What is Bowlometer?

Bowlometer is a cutting-edge mobile application designed specifically for bowling enthusiasts. It is a companion that helps you track and analyze various aspects of your bowling game. This enables you to make data-driven decisions and improve your overall performance. But mainly it is used to measure bowling speed. Even now you can measure bowling speed in street cricket.

 Key Features of a Bowlometer

– Pinpoint Accuracy: Bowlometer provides precise measurements of critical parameters, such as ball speed, rev rate, and axis tilt, empowering you to understand your technique better.

 Game History

The app allows you to maintain a detailed record of your past games, including scores, pinfall patterns, and lane conditions, aiding in identifying trends and areas for improvement.

Virtual Coaching:

With Bowlometer, you can receive virtual coaching tips and personalized recommendations based on your performance data, helping you refine your skills and overcome challenges.

 Social Integration

Share your achievements, high scores, and game highlights with fellow bowlers via social media integration, fostering a sense of community and friendly competition.

Getting Started with Bowlometer

Download and Installation

To embark on your Bowlometer journey, visit the below link. Download and install the app from the link below to explore its features and unlock your bowling potential.

How to check bowling speed in mobile

Now it is possible to check your bowling speed using a mobile phone. Download and install this app and follow the procedure to check your bowling speed.

Downloade Now

Setting Up Your Profile

Once installed, launch the app and create your personal profile. Provide basic information, such as your name, preferred bowling style, and average score, to customize the app according to your preferences.

Utilizing Bowlometer’s Features

 Tracking Your Game

Before starting a game, select the “Start Game” option in Bowlometer. Position your device securely on a stable surface near the lane, ensuring a clear view of your movements. The app will use advanced sensors to track your ball speed, revolutions, and axis tilt, generating accurate data for analysis.

Check bowl speed

The most wanted feature of the app is that you can check your bowling speed. This app helps cricket lovers to measure their bowling speed. Even now it is possible to measure bowling speed in street cricket

 Analyzing Performance Data

After each game, delve into the comprehensive analysis provided by Bowlometer. Explore statistics such as strike percentage, spare conversion rate, and shot accuracy. Identify patterns, weaknesses, and strengths to fine-tune your technique and improve your consistency on the lanes.

 Virtual Coaching Tips

Take advantage of Bowlometer’s virtual coaching feature. Based on your performance data, the app’s built-in algorithms will offer tailored suggestions and techniques to enhance your game. From adjusting your release to optimizing your approach, these insights will aid you in overcoming challenges and raising your bowling prowess.

 The Future of Bowlometer

As technology advances, Bowlometer continues to evolve, promising even more exciting features in the future. The app developers are actively working on incorporating advanced analytics, live game streaming, and multiplayer capabilities to foster a more immersive and engaging bowling experience.


In conclusion, Bowlometer revolutionizes the way we approach bowling, providing invaluable insights, performance tracking, and personalized coaching in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re an aspiring professional or a casual bowler looking to have fun, Bowlometer is the ultimate companion to elevate your game. Embrace the power of Bowlometer and unlock your true potential on the lanes like never before.


Is there an app to check bowling speed?

Yes, there is an app known as Bowlometer_ check your bowling speed which checks and measures your bowling speed. It has been downloaded by 5 million people from the Google Play store. It also has good user reviews, with an overall rating of more than 4 stars.

Can I measure ball speed by phone?

Yes, it is very easy to measure your bowling using your mobile phone. Simply download the Bowlometer mobile app and follow the instructions to measure your bow speed.

IS the bowlometer app free to check bowl speed?

Yes, it is free and you can check as many balls as possible. It’s easy to use and you can view the results in seconds. You can even save your results for later use.

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