Dragon City Apk

Dragon city mod apk
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Dragon City  Apk

Are you a Dragon City game lover? And are tired of spending money on it? then Dragon City apk is built for you.

Congratulation, you are in the right place to solve your problem. Here in this article, we are sharing a modified version of the game where you will access all the features for free.

The game Dragon City is an attractive and addictive game where players breed and collect Dragons in order to create their own Dragon City. Due to its interesting and beautiful graphics, it has attracted many players from across the world. It is true that some people have difficulties playing the game because they have to pay in order to access all the features and play the game. That’s where the Dragon City apk comes into place.

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What do we offer in Dragon City Apk?

The modified version of this game enables users to access all features and enjoy the latest version for free. Here players can breed dragons and build their own city and can take part in different events. That, too, without the concern that their currencies would vanish.

What is dragon city?

An attractive and addictive game called Dragon City allows players to breed and collect dragons in order to create a city of their own by breeding and collecting dragons. Because of its interesting and beautiful graphics, it has attracted a great deal of attention from players all over the world. Despite its simplicity, the game has interesting gameplay to it.

What is Dragon City  Apk?

The Dragon City apk is the new version of the original game. There are many features in this game that can be accessed by all players for free, which have a subscription fee in the original version of the game. So we recommend you get the version of the game and enjoy all its features and collect unlimited diamonds and money for free. For this reason, we recommend you install the latest version of the game in order to enjoy all its features, as well as collect unlimited diamonds and money for free.

Dragon city mod apk
Dragon city  apk

Dragon City apk Features

Dragon City is a popular game where players collect and breed dragons to build their own Dragon City. There is no doubt that everyone is familiar with its original version. But here we share some outstanding features of the modified version of the game

Dragon City apk Earn money and gems

It is possible to earn unlimited money and gems in this version that allows players to unlock new characters and build a city of their own without being restricted by financial limitations.


This version of the game allows players to collect an unlimited amount of food. As a result, they are able to feed their dragons and keep them in good health.


The modded version of Dragon City has an anti-ban mechanism built in to prevent players from being banned while playing the game.

No ads

Ads are eliminated in this version. Players can play and enjoy games without being distracted by ads.

All dragons are unlocked

In the modified version of the game, all dragons are unlocked and the player can access all dragons. The original version required players to play games and collect diamonds to open new dragons.

Reduction In Breeding And Hatching Time

In the modified version breeding and hatching time is reduced. Players can breed dragons in less time. Which helps players to make progress in less time.

User-friendly interface

Dragon City has a simple and user-friendly interface that helps players to manage their dragons and cities easily.


Top 7 dragons in dragon city

There are several types of dragons in the Dragon City game that players can collect, and breed to build cities. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best dragons players can collect and breed in the game.

 Dragon city mod apk
Dragon city  apk

High Celestial Dragon

The stats of this dragon are excellent across the board, which makes it a great addition to any collection and indicates that it is a strong and useful dragon.

Pure Titan Dragon

It is a dragon that provides flexibility in battle due to its titanic and pure characteristics. Moreover, it is capable of healing himself as well as his allies at the same time

Apocalypse Dragon

The legendary dragon is a powerful fighter with a high probability of scoring critical hits and powerful attacks. In addition to its abilities, it is able to significantly reduce the resistance of its enemies.

Nirobi Dragon

One of the most powerful dragons in the dragon city, the Nairobi Dragon is a legendary dragon. It possesses both natural and light elements with which it can destroy enemies and heal its allies. It also has the ability to increase the damage that is dealt by its allies to their enemies.

Abyss Dragon

The Abyss Dragon is another legendary dragon that has both sea and dark elements that can cause significant damage to its enemies. It also has the ability to heal its companions.

Legacy Dragon

One dragon with Legend and one with a Legend element can be crossed to produce the Legacy Dragon. Breeding this dragon takes Reborn Level 1. To successfully breed the Legacy Dragon, you will require powerful dragons. It is very powerful due to the fact that it has both primal and legendary elements.

Demigod Dragon

It is another powerful dragon. It can deal massive damage to its opponents. It has both war and divine elements, which cause massive damage to its enemies.

How to install Dragon City Apk?

Follow the following steps to instal Dragon City  apk

  • Click on the button given below
  • When the process is c is done click on the install button
  • When all the above steps are completed, click on the install button
  • Your file will be installed on your device
  • Open the app and enjoy all the features for free
  • If you are facing any issues in installing then post your issues in the comments section or send your queries to us using the contact us form.

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