Experience WhatsApp Like Never Before: Gold WhatsApp Apk

Gold WhatsApp Apk Download
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Gold WhatsApp Apk

Hello, WhatsApp users. Do you need clarification about choosing the most appropriate version of WhatsApp apk? If this is the case, then don’t worry; we are here to solve all your concerns about choosing the most suitable WhatsApp apk. We have analyzed each  Whatsapp feature and found Gold WhatsApp is one of the best among them. So don’t wait and start using Gold WhatsApp Apk download it now.

Furthermore, we will assist you in downloading and installing the gold WhatsApp apk on your device. If you are interested to use WhatsApp gold apk then read this article at the end we have shared a  link you can get it from the re. If you like are have faced any issues then kindly share your valuable comments with us.

Gold Whatsapp apk
Gold Whatsapp apk

What is Gold WhatsApp Apk?

WhatsApp Gold apk is a new version of the original Whatsapp messenger created for Android devices. The gold WhatsApp apk has a variety of characters and features that is not available in the original version. The gold WhatsApp was developed by Altornedo7, also known as Naseer.

This is a trusted version of WhatsApp, used by millions of users, that provides extra features not available in the original. This app is available on different operating systems. Like Android, Windows, and IOS. Currently, gold WhatsApp apk is the most popular app among other messaging apps on the internet and its popularity is increasing day by day.

WhatsApp gold apk features

Whatsapp gold apk has the following features

Hiding Appearance

WhatsApp Gold gives you complete privacy and hides your appearance. If you want to hide your identity, you can do it using this app.

Multiple Themes

This WhatsApp offers different themes to its users, Users can change themes according to their choice and can set them.

Sending More Photos

This version of Whatsapp has the ability to send many photos at a time. You can send a hundred photos at once while in the original app, the maximum limit is only thirty. Also, we can send video sizes up to 30 MB which is 15 MB in the original Whatsapp.

Hiding Active Status And Blue Tick

By using this app users can hide their active status and also can hide the blue tick Which indicates that the message has been read. When users turn this setting then the sender will not know that the user has read the messages.

Enhanced Privacy

It has much better privacy users can hide chats and can lock their chats by setting passwords or fingerprints.

Advanced Messaging Features

It also offers some advanced features like sending schedule messages, sending auto-replies and many more.

Anti Revoke

Many people like this feature the most. When you turn on this feature then the sender cannot delete the message.

Writing long Status

This version of WhatsApp enables users to write lengthy statuses to express their views. Users can write 130 words statuses which is far more than offered by the original app.


It offers users the facility to use Whatsapp In different languages like English, Hindi, Spanish, Urdu and Italian

Automatically Reject Call

Gold WhatsApp enables users to Reject calls automatically. You just need to go to the call setting and select the reason for call rejection. Like No internet, the call is declined, and the user is unable to answer the call.

Gold WhatsApp cal rejection
Gold WhatsApp call rejection

Dark mode

You can use WhatsApp in a dark mode

Save Status

By using this app you can  save friends’ statuses directly

Downloading And Installing Gold WhatsApp Apk

Note; Before uninstalling the original WhatsApp make sure you take a backup of your data. Unless your data will be lost. First, take a backup and then uninstall the app.

To help you to properly install the gold Whatsapp Apk we have written a step-by-step guide in this article. Follow these steps and install the app on your device.

Take a backup of your files and media and then uninstall the original app.

How to take a backup? follow the following steps

  • Open the original app on your phone
  • go to setting
  • click on chats
  • Tap on chat backup
  • Your data will be saved in the cloud storage

Now the next step is to Install the app follow these steps to get the app

  • Click on the  button given below
  • Your installation will automatically start
  • Allow downloads from unknown sources
  • Again click on the install button and the app will be installed on your phone
  • To restore your backup data enter your phone number and click on “Copy WhatsApp data”
  • Then click on the restore button and your data will be restored and will be showed in the new app
Gold WhatsApp Apk
Download Gold WhatsApp Apk

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is WhatsApp Gold Apk?

WhatsApp Gold apk is the lattest version of the original WhatsApp messaging app. It has some extra and powerful features that make it different from the original WhatsApp App. This is not the official WhatsApp app and is developed by third-party developers.

Can I get WhatsApp Gold Apk From Google Playstore?

No this is a third-party app you can notget it from the play store. To getthese versions you need to go to Google and search for the app. From Google, you can get apk file.

Can I Use both the WhatsApp messenger app and WhatsApp Gold Apk on a single device?

No, you cannot use both apps on the same device if you want to use it on the WhatsApp gold apk you will need to uninstall the official WhatsApp App.
















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