Inshot Video Editing App

Inshot Video Editing App
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Inshot Video Editing App

Inshot is a popular video editing tool through which we can edit our videos. This is a very easy and user-friendly tool to make videos for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. It includes all the features and tools we need to create or edit a video effortlessly. Whether you are a professional video editor or a beginner, you can easily create videos for free with this app. It makes it easy to create stunning videos for different social media platforms. With its simple and user-friendly interface, you can easily cut, trim, and merge your videos, also providing you with the tools to add or remove sound and music. What are you waiting for? Get started and install the inshot video editing app and start your video editing journey.

Everything You Need Top Know About The Inshot Video Editing App

Inshot is one of the most popular video editing applications which is available on both Android and IOS platforms. Mainly it is famous for its easy and users friendly interface. It is the most suitable option for professional and beginner video editors to edit and create stunning videos.

Inshot Video Editing App Features

It has many features we have tried to list some of its main features below

Edit videos of various Aspect ratios

One of the most significant characteristics of the Inshot video editing app is that it can edit videos of various aspect ratios. It supports the most common aspect ratios, which include 9:16 for TikTok,16:9 for Youtube, and 1:1 for Instagram. It also allows its users to create the video in other formats.

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Inshot converter

It is also one of the finest features of the Inshot video editing app. It allows users to convert videos into different formats, including mp4, MVO, MVI, etc., which helps users share videos on various platforms without any interruption.

Cut Trim And Delete

You can cut or delete any part of the video using the pre-cut menu. It also has a split option if you want to eliminate any part from the middle or other part of the video. Then select the split option; it will enable you to separate a specific part from the rest and delete that part. Using the speed menu, you can adjust the video speed. You can increase or decrease the video speed.


Our videos can be enhanced by adding or removing the background using the Inshot canvas option. We have multiple ready-made templates we can choose to use in our video or photo content.

Effects and filters

You can add effects and filters to your videos and photos to make them more interesting. The Inshot video editing app provides many effects and filters and is free to use.

Crop and rotate

Using the crop and rotate options, you can adjust videos or photos to meet your needs. By using the rotating option you can flip or rotate your videos and photos. You also have the option to zoom or change the footage angle.


The Inshot video editing app offers five categories for users to use effects of their own choice from a wide range of effects. Each category has unique effects. It is possible to apply transitions to a part of the video or to the whole video.


In video editing, you can add various glitch effects, such as pixelation, distortion, flickering, and other glitches. The intensity, speed, and length of the glitch effect can be adjusted to achieve the desired effect.

Add Music

Most video editing software offers this facility to adjust the sound volume. Similarly, The inshot video editing app also provides the facility to change sound volume or remove unnecessary sounds. Also, we can adjust video speed.

Increase or decrease the volume

Most video editing software offers this facility to adjust the sound volume. Similarly, the Inshot video editing app also provides the facility to change the volume or remove unnecessary sounds. With this tool, we can also adjust the video speed.

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How to install the Inshot Video editing app

Click on the Download button to start the download

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If you are facing any issues in installing then post your issues in the comments section or send your queries to us using the contact us form.

Edit photos with the Inshot video editing app

Using the InShot Video Editor you can flip a picture, add a sticker, add emoji to photos, apply filters or creative effects, and crop photos. However, unlike video efforts that can be saved as drafts, your work cannot be saved for later. You must complete your task in a single sitting.

To Edit Photos You Can Try PicsArt

Photo collage

You can choose one to nine pictures from your camera roll to get started with when creating a collage. Modifying pictures is easy, and eight templates are available there to edit your photos. You simply need to hold down the slide. You can crop the pictures and zoom in and out using multi-touch techniques. When using the InShot app’s free edition, the primary advantage of editing collages and photos is that it does not add a watermark.

The Inshot video editor Pros and cons


With the InShot picture editor, you can quickly trim and cut videos.

You Utilize the online InShot editor to combine multiple pictures into one.

You can use the InShot photo editor to flip and rotate the clip.

Offers users to Utilize the video maker’s layers and effects.

You can getthe InShot apk for iOS and Android.

Add transitional effects to the movie


No proper guidelines are provided by the developer team that how to use the app.

You cannot search for stickers in inshot video editing app

Frequently Asked Questions?

1) Is the InShot video editor free?

The Inshot video editor is free to use and install. But it has some premium features if want to use it then you have to buy a premium subscription.

2) Can you use InShot on a computer?

The Inshot video editing app is an Android app but you can install and use it on a computer for that you have to use an Emulator.

3) Is InShot good for video editing?

Yes, Inshot is one of the best video editing apps. It is good for both beginners and professional video editors. It is famous for its simple and user-friendly interface.



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