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PUBG Mobile  Apk

In simple words, PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battle Ground for those who are unfamiliar. The PUBG Mobile  Apk is one of the most exciting mobile games created by Tencent games. There are currently over 500,000,000 players in this game across the globe. Its outstanding track record demonstrates how well-liked the game is among action gamers all across the world. The game may be played anywhere, at any time like playing it on PC etc, but it was specifically created for mobile platforms.

Because it provides intensive yet free single- or multiplayer action gaming, PUBG Mobile is well-known. This fascinating game is on the gadgets of every teen gamer in the world. Millions of players have currently given the game a 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store. Because of its amazing HD graphics and captivating sounds, you will adore this game. Get the PUGB Mobile app and have fun eliminating all opponents to survive.

The exciting PUBG  gameplay

Without a doubt, the PUBG mobile game boasts a massive number of worldwide players. At the same time, the team at Tencent developers can also brag about having an epic creation that makes players glue their eyes on the tiny smartphone screens for hours. You will have to fight real players and build various fortifications to become a prominent PUBG player of all time. Everything is brought out so natural from the weapons to skins, and movement of characters to the game environment.

To win the game and become at the top, you must fight and survive among the hundred players till the end.if you are playing the sole game then you need to become at the top among those 100 players. And if you are playing in a team mode you will have to

fight with 25 teams each team contains four players.

PUBG Mobile Apk Best Features

It is not that easy to become the most popular game in the world. Pubg Mobile has some best features which make it one of the best among the others. Here we listed some of its best features if you are pubg lover hope you will like to know about these features.

Safe and Attacking Zones

In this game, we have different types of players. Some players prefer to play attacking games and some want to play defensive games. Those players who want to play a defensive game and spend more time in the game then choose those areas with fewer buildings and fewer resources. Due to a lack of resources, there are fewer players in those areas; hence, those areas are labeled as safe.

Those players that want to play attacking games choose areas with many buildings with different types of guns and other necessary things used in fights. So it depends on players which area they prefer to move to.

Single and Multi player Modes

In the Pubg mobile game we can play three different modes in terms of players.

Solo Mode

In this sole mode, we play lonely. We do not have any other teammates to play with. We only have opponents to play with. In the single mode gameplay you have only one chance live there is no revive option that your teamate can save you from dying.

Multi players Mode

In the multi-player mode, players have three options to choose and play in terms of selecting players. The first option is to play sole vs. teams; in this mode, you have to play against teams that may consist of two or four players. The second option is to play two vs four players teams. And the third option is to play  with four players against their rivals. To play with teammates, the players have a chance to relive after being hit by the opponents, also called enemies.

In the multi-player mode, players can share their weapons, health kit,drinks, bullets, and scopes with each other.

See Through Walls

This feature enables players to see players hidden behind walls, rocks, or anything else. This feature only allows you to see players behind obstacles so you can locate them. You can’t hit them behind those obstacles. You have to wait for them to leave the safe area.A missed shot will reveal your location to your enemies, so be very careful when shooting enemies.

Unlocking Players skins

With Our Pubg mode apk you will be able to unlock skins easily It is very hard to get beautifully designed skins in the simple pubg game.

 New Guns

To get access to new guns you will need complete certain missions. By completing these missions you will earn Uc which can use to get access to extra game features and


Every player wants to have a perfect aimbot. The Aimbot enables players to shoot enemies with automatic fire. You just need to target the enemies with the aimbot feature your gun will shoot the enemies.This feature will help you to easily spot enemies and shoot them.


Information About Pubg Mobile Apk

  • Compatible with Android version above 4.2
  • Size                                                  600MB
  • price                                                 it is free you can play without spending
  • Version                                            latest 
  • Developer                                       Proxima

Frequently Asked Questions


1)Who is the No 1 best character in PUBG?

There are many characters in Pubg mobile game but carlo is the best among the others.carlo have a nice hairs and dress design.

2)Who is the PUBG first character?

Vector is the Pubg’s first character. This character was introduced to the game after one year then release of pubg mobile game

3) Who is the best female character in PUBG?

there are many female characters in Pubg but sara is best female character then the others.

4) Is it free to play PUBG Mobile Apk ?

yes, it is absolutely free to play pubg mobile game.

5) How to play PUBG on PC?

To play pubg on PC you will need to install Tencent gaming Emulator. After installing the emulator then you will need to install Pubg mobile game after completing the above steps now you are ready to play your favourite game on PC.

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