Exploring Pi Coin A Promising New Cryptocurrency for the Future

Pi coin
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Exploring Pi Coin A Promising New Cryptocurrency

Pi Coin is an emerging digital currency founded by two Stanford University Ph.D. Scholars named Nicolas Kokkalis and Chengdiao Fan in 2018. On March 14, 2019, they released their white paper and the Pi network mobile app for the first time. Through the Pi, app users are able to mine Pi Coins. They just need to open the app and press the mine button every 24 hours.

Pi Network is the latest addition to crypto and blockchain, which is accessible around the world and makes use of Pi. Pi is an emerging digital currency that people can mine on their mobile phones easily. A cryptocurrency is an emerging digital currency controlled by its community rather than banks and governments. Pi can be mined by contributing to the Pi ecosystem. While the first and most popular cryptocurrency ( bitcoin) is very hard for most people to access and mine.

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pi coin to pkr today rate .43$ and 120 pkr

How to Mine Pi Coin?

Are you interested in mining Pi coins for free and creating an account to do so? Follow the below steps to create and mine coins for free

  • The first step is to install the Pi network app
  • Go to the google play store and get the app from there
  • Once your installation is completed open the PI app and click on the signup Button
  • You have two options to create an account on the Pi network Facebook and a phone number
  • Select your registration method like you want to create an account like creating an account with a phone number.
  • Click on Continue with the phone number
  • Select your country and enter your phone number then click on continue
  • You will be taken to a new page where you will enter your First Name and last name ( Remember your ID name and Pi Network account name should be the same).
  • Enter your name correctly and click on Continue.

  • In the next step, you will be required to enter a referral code

  • Enter our referral code and you will get one pi coin instantly. It will also help you mine it at a higher rate

  • Once you have completed all the above steps your account will be complete

  • Click on the mine button to start your mining session

  • Remember you will need to open your pI app after every 24 hours to start a new mining session.

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How to complete the Mainnet checklist?

Once you have created your account the next thing you need to do is complete the mainnet checklist. The mainnet checklist consists of 8 steps, which include the following steps.

  • To open mainnet checklist click on the mainnet Info button in the right side of your screen
  • A new page will be open then click on mainnet checklist to see all the steps

Downloading pi browser

The first step among the eight is to download the Pi browser. click on the start button to start your download. When the download is complete your first step is done.

Create a Pi wallet

The second step in the mainnet checklist is to create a pi wallet. How to create it follow the following steps

  • Open pi browser
  • Click on Wallet
  • click on Generate a new wallet
  • Here you will be given 24 words passphrase.don’t share it with anyone. Through these 24 words, you will access your account. ( Anyone who has the Passphrase can access your account)
  • Copy it and confirm it in the next step
  • Once you have followed these steps your Wallet will be ready

Confirm Your Pi wallet

The third step is to confirm your PIP wallet. Click on the start button and copy the passphrase given in the second step and paste it in the third step. Once you have followed the above instructions, the 3rd step will be complete.

Pi coin lockup  

Commit lockup configuration is the fourth step in mainnet checklist. In this, you have to lock your coins for a certain period of time. The advantage is that if you lock your coins for a longer period, your mining rate will increase. But remember you will be unable to transfer or trade your coins during the lockup duration

Submit Your Kyc Application

The 5th step is to submit your KYC. Kyc means to know your customer which means you have to verify your account with your ID or Passport. Now the next step is how to apply for KYC? Follow the following steps to submit your KYC application.

  1. Go to the Pi browser or now you can apply from the Pi app
  2. Click on the pi Kyc option
  3. Make your document ready ( ID or Passport)
  4. Fill out the application form
  5. Enter your name
  6. Enter the date of birth
  7. Enter your address (should be in the same language as your passport or ID)
  8. Upload your documents
  9. Record your live video
  10. Review the application
  11. Now when your details are correct then submit your application

Wait for Kyc

Wait for your KYC to get approved. Usually, it can take 24 hours to get approved. But sometimes it can take a while to get approved.

Sign acknowledgment to receive Pi coins

Here you will sign in acknowledgment and will confirm the address at which you will receive tokens

Migrate to mainnet

When all the above steps are completed the next step is to migrate your pi tokens to mainnet wallet. This is an automatic step and will be completed by self.

Pi coin price 

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Remember Pi coin is not listed yet. Pi that you see on different exchanges is not real.The following are the prices in different currencies

pi coin to pkr rate is 80 Pkr today pi coin price is.3$ in dollars

Pi coin rate in Pakistan is 90 Pkr 1 per

Pi coin price in dollars .33$

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Is Pi coin listed?

No, currently Pi coin is not listed on any exchange. Pi listing news circulating on social media was false. And the coin listed on the pi coin name was also fake.

Does Pi coin have a value?

Currently, Pi does not have its own value but still, there are some people that buy Pi coins in cheap prices and are hoping for better prices when listed on exchanges.

What is the total supply of Pi?

Is up to their white paper Pi coins have a total supply of  100 billion. 20 per cent is allocated for developers, 5 per cent for liquidity and the rest will be mined by the general miners.

What is the price of pi in Pakistan? Pi coin to pkr

The Pi coin is not listed but still, you can sell your coins to individuals. Pi coin price is fluctuating like other cryptocurrencies but currently pi has the following rates in Pakistan. To sell or get pi price updates coins you can contact us on WhatsApp.

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Pi Amount Price in PKR
1 Pi 80 PKR
10 Pi 800 PKR
50 Pi 4000 PKR
100 Pi 8000 PKR

1 pi coin value in dollar

Currently, the pi coin value in dollars is .3$. This is a kind of black market value because Pi is not listed yet.

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