Unlocking the Earning Potential of WeChat Apk : How to Make Money with China’s Popular App

Wechat Apk
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We Chat

WeChat apk is a Chinese social media messaging and payment app that can be accessed by both smartphones and desktops. The app was first released in 2011 and has recorded to be the first app that has 1 billion active users across the world in 2018. WeChat is considered a super app in China because of its wide features. Among the features that we Chat offers are text, video calls, audio calls, audio messages, location sharing, and sharing of photos and videos. Another We Chat feature is that you can pay using the We Chat Pay option.

WeChat was developed by Tencent company which is a well-known company in the field of apps and games development. It began as a project at Tencent’s Guangzhou Research and Project Center in October 2010 and was completed and released in 2011.

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For Who is this post and who can earn money from the WeChat apk?

This post is for anyone who can understand and read English a little bit. If you have created your Facebook account, Tiktok account, or any other social media account then you are the perfect person to earn money from WeChat in a very simple way. In this article, I will guide you that how you can earn money from the WeChat apk.

Before discussing how we can earn money from WeChat? It is important to know about WeChat features.

Unlocking WeChat’s Magic: Top 9 Features You Need to Know

WeChat is a popular social media messaging and payment app developed by the famous apps and games development company Tencent in 2011. WeChat offers various features, making it a popular app around the world. It has the following features.

WeChat Mini Programs
WeChat Mini Programs


Messaging is one of WeChat’s core features. Through WeChat, users can send text, voice, video, stickers, photos, and multimedia messages. It also supports real-time audio and video calls, making it a popular app among others.


Just like other social media platforms, WeChat allows users to share posts, photos, and videos with their contacts on their walls. And just like other social media platforms, they can share like and make comments on each other content.

Official accounts

It is one of the most valuable features for businesses and organizations to build official accounts to connect with their customers and clients. Official accounts are mostly used for e-commerce. , promotional brands, customer services, and many more.

You must create a WeChat Official Account if you want to use the app to advertise your Business. Companies can interact with customers and promote their brands on the platform. If you want to advertise your company, you should have an official WeChat account.

Wechat pay

Wechat also provides the facility to pay and receive money using Wechat Pay. WeChat Pay is a mobile payment service integrated into the app. Through this users can send and receive money. In addition, they can pay for purchases and do other financial transactions.

Mini Programs

WeChat allows us to download lightweight apps without downloading them separately. These lightweight programs are accessible under the WeChat MINI program section. These MINI programs are used for many purposes. Just like buying and booking tickets, games, etc.

WeChat QR scan

WeChat uses picture recognition, which enables you to scan any physical goods you want to purchase. The module may identify any item using image analytics before matching it with online goods that may be the same as it or are comparable to it. Its current Scan & Translate service is enhanced by the Wechat QR scan feature.

WeChat Services
WeChat Services

Location sharing

You can share locations with friends and contacts via the location-sharing feature in real-time. Which helps them make their meetups easy. Today, it is one of the most popular features for individuals and businesses.

Voice and text translation

WeChat allows users to automatically translate voice or chat into different languages. And this feature helps users understand and communicate across the world. And also made the app more convenient to use worldwide.

WeChat Search Engine

Perhaps you have heard about WeChat’s latest feature. WeChat via Tencent now offers a search feature. It will function as a search engine that anyone can use to look up information.

How to Create an Account on WeChat

Follow the following steps to create an account on WeChat

  • Download the WeChat app from the play store also you can download it from the download button
  • Install and open the app
  • Select signup option
  • Select country
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter all the required information
  • Click on agree to terms and condition
  • Now WeChat will ask you to scan your Qr code by another WeChat user.
  • When an old WeChat user scans your Qr code your account is ready to use
  • Add friends from your phone contacts also you can add friends by Qr code scan
  • Join different channels
  • Enjoy all the versatile features of WeChat

    Download Wechat
    Download WeChat

Who can scan your QR code to create an account on WeChat?

Any old WeChat user whose account is six months old can scan your QR code to register on WeChat. Once the old user scans your QR code you will be redirected to WeChat and your account will be registered.

How To Earn Money from Wechat Apk?

There are several ways through which users can earn money using the WeChat apk. But for that, you will need certain skills. Here we are sharing a method which does not require a skill. If you have created your Facebook account, or have created a Gmail account then you can do this work.

What to do?

  • You just need to create an account on WeChat
  • Wait for your account to get mature to earn more money
  • You can sell your new account but that will be worth less
  • When your account reaches six months duration it will be worth 20$ which is six thousand pkr.


  • Do not stop work on one account you can create many accounts on a single device
  • If you create twenty accounts now then it will be worth almost 400$ which is above one lac in pkr
  • ┬áSearch in your contact for those who have WeChat accounts and ask them to scan your Qr code.
  • You can search WeChat users in Facebook groups and there you can get help from them to scan your code.

Where I can sell my WeChat Account?

There can be many buyers in the market but there are also many scammers so we are sharing the contact of a trusted WeChat buyer. Click on the link to join their group. You can contact with group admin and can sell your accounts. Click on the picture to join the WeChat buyer group.

Wechat buy and sell group
WeChat buy and sell group


Which is better WeChat or WhatsApp?

In terms of users, Whatsapp has more than two billion active users while WeChat has 1.2 billion active users. The WeChat users are mostly based in China and are a must-have gave for anyone living in China.WhatsApp is only messaging app while WeChat has many features like Wechat Mini stores, It also has a payment facility.

Is WeChat used outside of China?

A popular messaging and social media platform mostly used in China. But however, people can use it outside China also.WeChat has 1 billion users in China while.2 billion users outside.

Can I use WeChat in India?

Currently WeChat is banned in India. However, If you want to use WeChat in India you will need to install and use Vpn.

Can I pay with WeChat?

Yes, you can pay and receive payments using the WeChat Pay feature.

How many users does WeChat have?

WeChat has a total of 1.2 billion monthly active users across the world. Which 1 billion users are from China while.2 billion are from other parts of the world.




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